Do You Know Scripture?

It is one thing to be familiar with the Bible or have a favorite passage, but do you know scripture? Does it live in your soul? Do you use it daily when speaking to others, yourself, or the enemy? 

The Word is one of the sharpest weapons we can use to fight against the enemy and our flesh. It was the thing Jesus used multiple times to overcome the enemy when he tempted Him! Not only that but knowing the Bible gives us unexplainable peace. It gives us joy when we let the deep truths of God's Word hit our hearts. When we put our faith in the promises of Scripture we are relying on our Father in heaven to provide rather than working out of our own strength.

How can you let the Word into your heart to transform you and draw you nearer to Jesus? Mediate on it night and day! We are being discipled by the world or the Word. What do you spend time growing in? By meditating on the truths of the Bible you are choosing to "walk in the Spirit" (Gal. 5:16). This will give you freedom from the enemy and his schemes in the world.

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