Where Is The Peace

Seriously, where is it? These days when you look around the world or right in your own home you may be wondering where the peace went, or at least whatever you could hold onto of it. 

Between wars, rumors of wars, pandemics, natural disasters, violence, inflation, political, social & economical crises, the days can sure feel like there is no peace to find, let alone a sliver to hold onto.  This is why the peace the world wants us to hold onto is the wrong one entirely. Truth of the matter is, the only full, enduring, stable peace there is comes from Christ himself. In our podcast series This Means War, the last several weeks we have been diving into spiritual warfare. We are exposing the schemes of the devil, and wading through how to recognize his attacks and stop them right where they're at. Dead. 

In Ephesians 6 verse 15 we are reminded to keep our feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. We must prepare ourselves from the arrows flying at the world, and at us. We CAN find peace in the midst of a world torn apart by division and pain. We can BE the peace that others need to see, leading them to the ONE that can save and sustain them, come what may. 

Jesus came, He died for you, for me, for them. He beat death and rose again and He IS COMING BACK for His people. Only by His sacrifice can we be saved and only by His blood can we have the victory. We cannot hold onto this truth just for ourselves, our feet must be ready to go and tell the world. What good is it to keep peace to ourselves? We must go, we must tell. 

Jesus is the good news, THE Gospel. He IS peace.